Self-esteem improves relationships and careers

Self-esteem improves our capacity to flourish and enjoy life

Often people come for therapy and find they have low self esteem.  Self-esteem is the glue for having a successful life.

People feel encouraged as each therapy session brings them closer to feeling self love, and a deeper connection with themselves and others.

A person’s self esteem improves their ability to grow as they are able to slow down, feel their feelings, sense their body sensations, and notice their thoughts.  Self-esteem improves a person’s ability to integrate their present moment experience enabling healing to happen.

In our daily life people have often been taught by society and families to put on a brave face and hide their true feelings.

Self-esteem improves daily functioning

However it is when a person embraces their feelings, including painful feelings, and processes them that their love for themselves can grow.  For example think of a loving parent that takes the time to sit with their child who has fallen and grazed their knee.  The parent’s presence and acceptance of the situation enables the child to feel soothed and safe again.

This is similar to an adult receiving their own loving presence towards themselves, with the help of the therapist, that they are then able to regulate their emotions and accept and love themselves.  Interestingly parents that have a healthy level of self esteem often make the best parents.

Self-esteem improves relationships

I agree with Hakomi Trainer Julie Murphy when she says, “our ability to regulate our emotional states helps us develop trust in one another and develop a healthy sense of identity and good feelings of self worth.”  Murphy also writes, “mindfulness, self regulation (which means soothing emotions) and our capacity to love, are closely entwined with each other” (in maintaining stable relationships).  Having confidence in one’s own worth, abilities and self respect is a vital part of a person’s mental health.

A healthy level of self esteem is important because it impacts the way one relates to oneself and to other people.  It can also enable one to feel a greater sense of belonging in society.