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Psychotherapy and counselling for individuals and couples

Our methods are Internal Family Systems Therapy, Sensorimotor and Hakomi psychotherapy.  This involves working with the body and using a psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural therapy approach to help create transformations in personal development and significant psychological issues that impact our daily lives.

“Thank you for showing me a way to see and feel other ways.  You have helped change my life and I’ll always remember you.”


"Thank you for being a compassionate and supportive therapist.  You were there for me at a point in my life where I really needed someone to understand and support me."


“I’m really enjoying the group processes.  Your facilitation of the group is very gentle and you have created a safe space in a short amount of time.”


"Tessa's intuitive ability is something I connected with strongly, and her nurturing approach to therapy cultivated my comfort, ease and ability to work through my issues."


"I found Tessa's therapy approach self empowering as she showed me how to build and draw on my internal resources rather than depend on her.  I highly recommend Tessa for anyone seeking true healing."


"I released so much tension I had been holding onto for many years - the pain was gone the next day, I’m very grateful."



Our approach

We provide a safe and confidential space for your healing to happen. We collaborate with you applying mindfulness and loving presence as we relate to you in your thoughts, feelings, body movements and sensations. We engage the social connections of your mind to create an attentive state during the healing process. This enables you to regulate your thoughts and emotions to develop a wise mind.

Our vision

Our psychotherapy service puts you first. You may be seeking help for your personal needs, or you may be part of a family that is looking for resolution as a whole. We provide therapy that promotes your wellbeing to support you to feel nourished and comfortable interacting with others in flexible, energized and stable ways.

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