Addiction free gain serenity, fulfillment and liberation from anxiety

Addiction free enhances your health and relationships

Living addiction free is a life long process.

Addictions are common in our modern world where we look for instant gratification.

Addictions can consist of technology, shopping, work, gambling, pornography, alcohol, drugs and food.

Addiction is a short term solution to managing pain

Humans turn to addiction to soothe the trauma of having emotional and physical pain.  The irony is that when we suppress our pain with an addiction more pain is created.  The pain may involve anxiety, mood swings, low self-worth, poor self-care, foggy thinking, paranoia, ineffective impulse control and difficulty relating well with people.

Solution to resolving both the addiction and the pain

Instead of running away from our pain, the solution is to be with the emotional and physical pain with presence and compassion.  The first step is to see the truth of the experience of having the pain and what it is about.  The second step is to recognise there is an addiction, and we have power of choice where we are no longer at the mercy of our wound or our need for an addiction to alter our state of consciousness from our pain.

Recover from addictions

An essential action in healing our addiction is to seek support from a therapist we feel confident and comfortable with to be able to work through the pain.  As we come to understand and heal our pain contained within the underlying emotions of anger, sadness, jealousy and fear we can become free of our addictions.

Once we embrace and gain power over these emotions our dependency on an addiction reduces.   Furthermore an important step to working with our emotional pain is to work with our defences so we can consciously experience the nature of our personality and develop our wise adult self.

It is liberating for us to bring what was unconscious into consciousness and shift old repetitive patterns from being played out by replacing them with more nourishing experiences.

Another helpful technique for recovering from addictions is to recognise our strengths and notice what brings us pleasure and joy. Then we can appreciate what we are already doing for ourselves.

It is important to know that there is no quick fix to healing ourselves from addictions and that the best and most long lasting healing occurs incrementally over time.  Changing our behaviour and learning new skills takes time and requires practice, patience and courage.