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Intimacy is yours

  Intimacy is yours when having an honest relationship with yourself. Intimacy feels elusive when we are not honest with ourselves or each other. We are not always aware when we are lying to ourselves when we are busy pretending.  ...

Relationship attachments

Understanding relationships Best therapeutic practice is informed by attachment theory in repairing attachment wounds. These wounds stem from the way we are looked after by our caregivers. Defining Attachment John Bowlby famous psychologist defined attachment “as being a strong affectional...

Healthy boundaries lead to safe relationships

What is a boundary? Healthy boundaries define a line or limit to what we are responsible for and how we will allow others to treat us. Having healthy boundaries involves being able to say ‘no’ respectfully when necessary, and accepting...

Resources help us to overcome life’s challenges

Resources are significant to us to be able to live well Resources help you participate in life to reach your full potential. Resources enable a client to participate in life using their full potential.  Resources are anything that enhances the...

Self-regulation enhances our ability to communicate

What is self-regulation? Self-regulation is a flexible way of knowing and understanding our body and mind.  Self-regulation is the ability to monitor and have control of our thoughts, emotions, behaviour and impulses.  Self-regulation helps us experience and express our emotions. ...

Expressing blocked emotions guides us to know what’s important

Expressing blocked emotions enables improved relationships with oneself and others Expressing blocked emotions reminds us of our unity with other human beings.   An emotion is the body’s reaction to a thought our mind has about a situation.  Emotions are...
Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy

Mindfulness based psychotherapy develops our awareness and provides us with choices

Mindfulness based psychotherapy and counselling are efficient and effective ways to work with trauma and developmental wounds Mindfulness based psychotherapy can also be referred to as bodymind, body-centered or somatic psychotherapy. Sensorimotor and Hakomi psychotherapy are body-centered methods used to...

Unmask narcissistic behaviours and feel nourished within yourself

Work with narcissistic behaviours and find your true self It is not unusual for us either to demonstrate narcissistic behaviours, or to know people that do, and behave in ways that limit emotional intimacy. What are narcissistic behaviours? Narcissistic behaviours...

Addiction free gain serenity, fulfillment and liberation from anxiety

Addiction free enhances your health and relationships Living addiction free is a life long process. Addictions are common in our modern world where we look for instant gratification. Addictions can consist of technology, shopping, work, gambling, pornography, alcohol, drugs and...

Feel vigour and joy expressing your true self

There is freedom and safety in being your true self As we become more aware of our inner world we grow to learn to feel less anxious stepping into and expressing our true self. When we understand that we live in...